What is Desferas?

Spherification is a culinary technique used especially in modern cuisine.


In particular, our encapsulation technique, makes the flavours suddenly appear in the mouth, creating an explosion of flavour.


It consists basically in the presentation of an aliment in the form of small spheres of solid texture on the outside and liquid inside, which produces a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

We have a high degree of specialization that allows us to develop new flavours in a very agile way.

We have made a big investment in R+D, allowing us to be the only ones in the market to achieve a spherification with high quality and 100% natural.


On one hand, we mix hand sodium alginate with the juice used to make the spheres and on the other hand we create a mixed solution of water and calcium chloride. Both solutions should be mixed very well, using an electric mixer, preferably, and let them dissolve for several hours.

Then, we fill a spoon with the juice + alginate mixture and we will carefully mix it into the water + calcium chloride solution. Immediately the outer layer of our juice will solidify when contacting the calcium chloride solution. We wait a few seconds and with the same spoon or with a small skimmer we will be able to remove the sphere that is ready to be presented and eaten.

As an alternative to the spoon, many chefs use large nozzle syringes that are filled with the solution of the juice and with it blend it up with the calcium solution. The result is small spheres similar to caviar.